Make time to improve your office by organising your work and adding colour to bring your office alive. Organising your office will improve your productivity and also reduce stress within the workplace.

An organised office is one way to keep on top of work. For example, if you put little notes or tabs on files to let you know what the contents of that file are, then you will have no problem finding what you need. It saves you time and the stress of trying to find the piece of work you need.

Being prepared means you’ll always be on time, whether it is to a meeting or handing in a bit of work to meet your deadlines.

Some of Tribunes suggestions on how to keep your office organised:

Create yourself a list and categorize your work in a way that best suits what you do on a daily basis, such as importance and frequency.

Group work with different coloured notes or tabs, you can do this per file, or per area, such as shelves and drawers.

Items you use on a daily basis should be kept close or in hands reach, this will save you time.

To start organising and improving your office overall, you need the equipment to do it. First off you need the space, such as shelves and cupboards – see our range of storage furniture here.

Next will be the way you start to organise your work, you should have indexes, dividers, files and so on – see our range here.

Then you can start with notes and colour coding your work, with sticky notes, tabs and more – see our range here.

Office environment effects employee productivity. To get the best productivity out of your employees, think of the environment they work in. For example if you want to improve their creativity and productiveness then start by changing around the office.

By moving the office around you can give them a new perspective, which could get new ideas flowing, which inevitably improves productivity.

Another way to improve your environment is by adding to the office, such as paintings, plants and much more, something that makes the office more comfortable and can help improve creativity.

Keeping the office environment comfortable and organised are key factors to help improve your workplace and those in it.